Remembrance Assembly 2023
Monday, 20 November 2023
On Thursday 9th November 2023, we held our annual Remembrance Day Assembly to mark the impact of conflicts, and more especially the First and Second World Wars on the Latymer community. The assembly began with readings from Sixth Form student Daisy, reflecting on the monumental sacrifice made by those who fought in the war for the safety and freedom of others.

The following list of names of Latymerians being remembered this year was read out (the complete list is broken down over a rolling five-year sequence):
  • Edgar Heywood, 1932-1937, RAF. Twice wounded, then killed in bomber over Sardinia, 1943.
  • Antony Hill, 1933-1938, RAF. Killed on active service, 1944.
  • Eric Hill, 1921-1928, RAF. Died of typhoid while on active service in Middle East, 1942.
  • Ralph Hillman, 1929-1935, RAF. Killed in action in 1941 in an attack on German battlecruisers.
  • Reginald Hobbs, 1913-1914, Royal Flying Corps. Killed in action aged 16 years in France, 1916.
  • Walter Hodgkinson, Student at the Old Latymer on Church Street, Army. Killed in action in Greece, 1917.
  • Ronald Hughes, 1931-1936, Army. Died of shrapnel wound to the head, 1945.
  • Dennis Huntley, 1928-1933, RAF. Killed in bomber over France, 1941.
  • Sidney Irons, 1921-1926, RAF. Killed in bomber over Berlin, 1943.
  • Basil Jackson, 1924-1928, Royal Navy. Killed in action when his ship was torpedoed in the Mediterranean, 1944.
  • Harold James, 1936-1940, Army. Killed in action (tank battle in NW Europe), 1944.
  • John Johnson, 1934-1938, RAF. Killed in action - Coastal Command, 1943.
  • Norman Jones, 1934-1939, RAF. Killed on active service, 1944.
  • Walter Kerridge, 1928-1933, Army. Died of appendicitis while serving abroad, 1943.
  • Peter Kingsnorth, 1932-1937, RAF. Killed in a flying accident in the Middle East, 1942.
  • Alfred Kirk, Student at the Old Latymer on Church Street, Army. Killed in action, 1916.
  • Francis Knapp, 1936-1940, RAF. Killed in bomber over Stuttgart, 1944.
  • Edgar Lamble, 1931-1936, Army. Died in 1953 as a result of wounds received in action.
  • John Lee, 1932-1936, RAF. Killed in action, 1942. Awarded D.F.C posthumously.
  • Alan Leech, 1926-1929, RAF. Killed in action, 1943.
  • Betty Leech, 1928-1935, Nursing Sister. Drowned in a torpedoed troopship In Indian Ocean, 1944.
  • Wilfred Lomax, 1917-1925, Army. Died in active service in India, 1944.
Two poems were delivered by Hal and Hansika, Sixth Form senior students, as well as a reading of ‘We will Remember them’ by Mr Phillips, the current longest serving teacher at the Latymer School.

A moving rendition of ‘The Last Post’ was performed by student Joshua, before a minute’s silence was observed.

We were also delighted to be joined by Mother Roxanne, from the All Saints Church in Edmonton, who delivered a captivating speech reflecting on the impact of war, with a poignant message of the need to commemorate and carry forward the legacy of those who lost their lives in the battle for peace throughout the world.

The assembly concluded with a beautiful performance from the Chamber Choir of ‘Drop, drop, slow tears’ by Orlando Gibbons, a fitting way to end a day of reflection.