Snapshot interview with... Eme Brasnett
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Our snapshot interviews are short, light-hearted interviews with a range of alumni across all ages. Here we meet up with Eme Brasnett from the class of 1996. 

When were you at Latymer and which House were you in?

I was in Dolbe from 1989-1996.

Thinking back to your schooldays, what are your fondest memories of your time at Latymer?

I thoroughly enjoyed team activities, from sports (I was a B team stalwart of netball and athletics) to school productions (a passion which led me to A Level Theatre Studies). 

My friends and I found a steady stream of creative ways to keep ourselves amused. My fondest memories relate to the class projects we threw ourselves into - the runs around the recreation ground that we staggered through, the hysteria surrounding trips to Cwm, the adrenaline of perfecting the relay baton pass and the calming of nerves before stepping onto the stage. 

What were your favourite extracurricular activities?

Netball, basketball (I have a deep appreciation of the differences), drama, athletics - and the tuck shop.

What did you do after leaving Latymer?

I took a gap year out before studying history and politics at university. During that year I worked in Enfield Council’s legal department before teaching at a Salvation Army special school in Malaysia. 

What was your first job after university?

My resilience and communication skills were developed through a slew of character-building early jobs (which included being a cleaner, receptionist, McDonalds’ employee, car warranty salesperson and library assistant)!

Following university, I completed a law conversion course at Guildford College of Law and went on to complete my solicitor’s training contract at a commercial law firm, where I qualified into corporate law. After a few years I moved to work for the Government Legal Department and I have spent the majority of my career working in a number of departments, advising on a varied range of legal subjects. 

Have you ever been back to the Latymer School since you left? 

The first time I returned was for a year group reunion. Despite my initial nerves I had a wonderful evening of good conversations with deeply familiar faces (some of which I had not seen in years). Several times throughout the evening I found myself undertaking a forensic ‘spot the difference’ analysis of people’s past familiar and present faces.

For a state school, Latymer has an unusually strong alumni community. Why do you think this is?

Many students leave the Latymer School having formed solid friendships during their formative years. The alumni network enables former students to lightly hold a wider school community. It also offers a direct and accessible way for students to support and contribute to the school today. 

How do you like to spend your free time?

Whilst I don’t have much free time outside work and looking after my three kids, I do often find myself talking to friends (many of whom are school friends) about the things we wish we had known, and how we are going to manage what we know now. Other pastimes include:

  • Reading and writing. 
  • Finding the humour in situations.
  • Scouring the internet for reasonably priced theatre tickets. My favourite part of any theatre trip still being the opportunity to critique the empty stage before the curtain goes up (following the teachings of Mr Vause).
  • Running - both physically and running away from doing things and towards procrastination!

What piece of advice would you give to this year’s leavers?

  • The time between being in school and your 40s passes very quickly. 
  • Let many things go. Everything is temporary and so many things really don’t matter. 
  • Learn to listen and be silent as it will help you understand people and situations. 
  • Work out how to be a decent person. Be kind. Criticise wisely. 
  • Have fun and think about how you want to contribute to this amazing planet.