Careers Fair
Sunday, 29 January 2023
The school’s Careers Fair took place on Friday 20th January and was very well received by our Year 10 students and Sixth Formers. Our students listened with much interest to the sound advice and insight our speakers gave about a range of potential careers, from medicine and science routes to marketing and cyber security jobs.

The Latymer School is really lucky to be able to rely on a great network of parents and alumni alike, with 65% of speakers attending the event for the first time. Thank you so much to Richard Baughan (2009), Olga Bennett (2007), Steve Bleay (1984) Dem Demetriou (1985), Michael Georgiou (2014), Fiona Hill (1996), Gregg Johnston (2009), Yolanda Morphakis (2003), Paul Nicholls (1986), Simon Ogden (1980), Kehinde Oyebola (2014), Scarlett Pierce (2010) and Kirren Senivassen (2006) for taking part in this year’s Careers Fair.

Hitee Tia, Year 10 student, explained “I found the careers fair helpful as I was able to get more insight into the jobs I want to do. I was able to learn how to get there and which qualifications I need.”
Jemima, a Sixth Form student, commented “It was incredibly illuminating to speak to industry professionals, since I found their first-hand insights very valuable”.
Priya, also a Year 13 student, added “The volunteers were brilliant at adapting their advice and providing a holistic conversation about careers and life in general. My biggest takeaway that was stressed by everyone I spoke to, was that it’s okay to take your time. There is no point rushing to pick a career that you have decades to work in - take time to find yourself before you decide, and don’t be afraid of change down the line. Overall it was an exciting morning, and I look forward to someday hopefully being one of the alumni that can give great career advice and inspiration to future Latymer students.”
Dr Steve Bleay, from the 1984 class, commented: “As a regular attendee at the reunions, I was only too pleased to meet some of the current students. I remember the value of Careers Fairs – the one I attended during my Sixth Form determined my degree choice of Materials Science and shaped my subsequent career in STEM-related roles (government scientific research into stealth materials, forensic science research into fingerprints, and currently as a university lecturer in Forensic Science). I would recommend the experience to any alumni – it was a highly rewarding day, seeing the enthusiasm and interest of the students and the perceptive questions being asked made the time fly by, and I hope has given the students information that will be useful in future subject and career choices. Thank you to the organisers of the Careers Fair for the opportunity to return and hopefully help the current generation of Latymerians.”

As a school, we aim to support students to make realistic and informed decisions about their future, by raising aspirations and providing impartial and independent information and guidance. We promote equality of opportunity, celebrate diversity and challenge stereotypes. The involvement of our alumni community in this is crucial!

By taking part in careers-related events, you can directly help shape the future of Latymer students! You may spark their interest into careers they may not have considered, or help them confirm their chosen path. 

If you are interested in taking part in future careers fair, please email with a short bio and we will get back in touch with you.